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Xi Beta

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. is a siblinghood of individuals who have chosen this organization as a manner to achieve personal development and awareness not only for themselves but for their community. Furthermore, the sorority continues to be a pioneer in the Fraternal world through the development of innovative programming initiatives. Today, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. is a historically Latinx-based national sorority with multicultural memberships in chapters and alumnae associations across the nation. 

The X-Quisite Xi Beta chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma was first recognized as a colony on December 15, 2001, through the efforts of an interest group called the Collegiate Ladies Advancing Within Society (C.L.A.W.S.).  Through the hard work of our Fearless Fifteen Founders, we were officially recognized as a chapter on August 30, 2002, at the University of Oklahoma.

Since then, our chapter has grown immensely and continues to uphold our five principles: Academics, Community Service, Cultural Awareness, Social Interaction, Morals & Ethics


Our Purpose​


“The purpose of Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority shall be primarily one of promoting standards of excellence in morality, ethics, and education. Further, the Sorority shall work to better serve the needs and wants of all the people by disseminating information about the diverse culture, which we all share. Finally, the Sorority shall maintain respect for the views of others, through this valuing, thereby, enhancing our understanding of one another, and thus bettering our community, our country, and the world.”


Mission Statement

"Through excellence in the organization's five founding principles, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. provides opportunities for lifelong empowerment to its members, thereby positively influencing the global community."

Vision Statement

“Recognizing our responsibility to the progression of a positive global community, we stress the importance of morals, ethics, and education in our daily lives so that we serve the needs of our neighbors through a mutual respect and understanding of our varying cultures.”

Meet our Spring 2024 Class:

Ainsihar Luminosas Grace / Lambda Alpha ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾

NME: Yara "Ayazmína" Ketaneh & Diana "Kaelaris" Roldan Guzman


Our primary goal is to achieve a higher education. Our members are expected to uphold strong academic standards and practices. Aside from unconditional support, we provide our sisters with the necessary resources to succeed in college.

Community Service


Our service to others is a key component of understanding our community and the environment we are a part of. By helping others in our communities we not only empower ourselves, but we also help make the world a better place.

Cultural Awareness


"Culture is Pride, Pride is Success."

Though we are a Latina-based sorority, we embrace women of all cultures and respect all cultural backgrounds. We respect and love the beauty and differences that each culture displays, and teach our sisters to appreciate the richness of not only their culture but all cultures. Women of all cultural backgrounds are welcomed.

Social Interaction


Interacting with each other socially is a healthy part of growing and understanding different people. We appreciate the diversity within our campus community and look forward to learning from each other. Our sisters are committed to reaching out to different types of organizations and individuals at the University of Oklahoma and creating networks that will strengthen our community and ourselves.

Morals & Ethics

Developing and maintaining good moral judgment and representing ourselves and our siblinghood with ethical practices are two characteristics that every sister strives to achieve. We take pride in representing ourselves with respect and dignity, not only as women but as Sigma Lambda Gamma women of distinction.

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